Who We Are

Ethné’ International Development is a group of concerned friends and partners who want to make a holistic difference in the world! It is a for-benefit development organization which exists to transform lives through sports, business, education and mentoring.

Sports, business, and education are three key elements of life involvement and development in every society, so Ethné has chosen to focus in these areas with the mentoring component focused more on the interior qualities of human development through building character. Thus, every initiative and focus of Ethné has both the interior and exterior qualities of life and development in mind.

With the name “Ethné’” meaning “small nations,” we work to bring about holistic transformation among marginalized, and sometimes neglected, people and communities usually situated in more isolated corners of the world.

Our Values

Love and Service

The Golden Rule, “love your neighbor as you love yourself,” is the foundational reason behind our service. We believe all people are of the same intrinsic value and, therefore, should have the same access to development opportunities as others.

Transformational Development

Our goal is not relief but transformation throughout the entire person and community. Our heart beats to see growth and development occur in all realms of a person: physically, intellectually, relationally, economically, emotionally, and spiritually. If the mind and heart are not impacted, then outward initiatives are short-term relief at best.


We value partnership with local and international agencies and foundations, NGO’s, and faith-based/non-faith-based communities to mentor those with whom we work. Our effectiveness as an organization is deeply connected to the strength and commitment of those we partner with in the local context; they are the colleagues and champions of our initiatives.


We value initiatives that are sustainable. Our goal is not just relief but life-change that is lasting. We offer tools and programs which empower people to change their lives and circumstances which do not leave them in debilitating dependency. In light of this, we never try to do for others what they should and could do for themselves.

Helping the Marginalized and Remote

Our focus is on the marginalized and/or remote societies who are out of reach to outside help because of their cultural, economic or geographic context. We verify the need before launching an initiative or partnering in our programs, and we only engage if invited by local partners and champions of the cause.