Global Context

We live in what experts call a “global village,” but, although life is nuanced by our unique cultures and values, it is not always equitable in meeting the basic needs of humanity. Many people are born into contexts bereft of access to adequate education, food, or opportunities to develop as people.

Thus, while many societies have an overabundance of opportunity to lead productive prosperous lives, many others, who are born with the same capacities as human beings, are left undeveloped and steeped in poverty. They have the potential skills and desire to live full lives, but they just do not have the opportunity! Ethne’ International Development (EID) sees the inequity as a great injustice, and it was birthed to compassionately close this gap in marginalized and remote parts of the world.

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Who We Are

Ethne’ International Development is a group of concerned friends and partners who want to make a holistic difference in the world! It is a for-benefit development organization which exists to transform lives through sports, business, education and mentoring.

Sports, business, and education are three key elements of life involvement and development in every society, so Ethne has chosen to focus in these areas with the mentoring component focused more on the interior qualities of human development through building character. Thus, every initiative and focus of Ethne has both the interior and exterior qualities of life and development in mind.

With the name “Ethne’” meaning “small nations,” we work to bring about holistic transformation among marginalized, and sometimes neglected, people and communities usually situated in more isolated corners of the world.

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Mission Statement

Ethne changes lives through providing consultation, initiatives, and programs that focus on individual and ethnic people development in the following areas:


Serving people through coaching and developing sports programs, training coaches, and infrastructure development.

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Mentoring and supporting students, equipping teachers, and investing in infrastructure to serve developing nations’ scholastic needs.

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Resourcing people in micro-enterprise, training people in business, and partnering globally to transform villages as well as create jobs.

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Life Seminars & Coaching

Providing individual, family, and professional mentoring according to the program specificity as well as local, contextual needs.

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